If you find yourself able to stare into the open ocean without any objects of reference, just water, you can find yourself staring at infinity. Or perhaps just a version that almost lies within reach of our understanding.

It seems quite simple, its just water, but you could gaze for a million years upon the same spot and never see it repeat itself. Its native state is one of constant change and zero repetition, like an equation generating billions of results but only looking for an answer in maintaining its characteristics of constant change.
It does strange things to the human mind. Our brains are highly evolved pattern recognition devices. They work relentlessly in the everyday world processing copious amounts of visual information and referencing against a huge bank of stored data and patterns so we can be understand our present situations.

Perhaps this is why the ocean can be seen as an escapism and an agent for free thought. Our pattern logic fails to recognise anything beyond the identification of water and understanding of infinite variation. This gives our pattern recognition software nothing to do except become less prevalent, inturn enabling more energy towards abstract thought processes.
Humans have forever and a day tried to exert dominance over their environment. It is what separated us from our ape counterparts and set down the path to where you find yourself at this exact moment. For eons we have gone on adjusting our theories about our convinction of place as the centre of the universe. We have forced our laws and straight lines upon the its organic surface. So to put ourselves at ease and keep feeding the ego that created the ability of us to be conscious of it in the first place.
Its funny for all of our advancement, and there has been a great deal, we have pursued to create more efficient forms of logic and control in our environment, we have tried to force nature into our impossibly perfect squares. And the solution for our next step in progression seems to be presenting itself in the forms that have been infront of us for the last billion years. Yes nature and the universe have very simple patterns, that will help us immensely in our continuation of development, but to understand them we must realise more that we are merely arbitrary obversers in this giant spectacle.
Then we will create our own.